About Us


Is a co-founder and driving force behind MysticMarvin.

Always wanted to build connections between Luxembourg community and the WWW vCommunity.

Luxembourg and WWW

Passionate about VMware and its solutions, she has a true commitment for serving customers, as described in here.

She joined VMware, as Technical Account Manager based in Luxembourg, in 2016, with 20+ years experience in Enterprise, Virtualization Consulting.

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Miguel aka “Marvin”

Is a co-founder and a kind of catalyst dynamo for MysticMarvin.   He’s truly passionate about design and technology and most of all, how it can improve our day life.

He has a 10+ years Enterprise IT background and some game changing experiences, like Delivery Specialist with EMC, where he learned global Storage & Datacenter operations.

He proudly joined NTT Ltd. in 2019, where he’s continuously seeking to deliver a fantastic customer experience.