Architecting Multi-Cloud Environment – New resources !

The VMware Cloud Solution team has just released a new page around Multi-Cloud Architecture Solutions and an eBook targeting the needs of the important topics for optimal cloud environment.  

The Foundation Bookmark

VMware is providing a new content, a living resource that will evolve over time !!!
Bookmark this page: Multi-Cloud Architecture Solutions !!!!

Also Get started with the eBook:
Architecting Your Multi-Cloud Environment – Build the right foundation to accelerate application modernization

Architecting Your Multi-Cloud Environment

Close-your-eyes-n-listen resources

Multi-Cloud Podcast on SoundCloud

Multi-Cloud Podcast on SoundCloud

Additional Resources

Earlier this year, the VMware Cloud Solution also introduced Architect Central.
If you wanna stay in the know about the latest Cloud services, products and practices to keep your enterprise on the edge of innovation, then that’s your Go-To page !

The site aggregates blogs targeting cloud and other architects. Easy to find relevant content focused on multi-cloud reference architectures. 

If you have any questions,
or would like to discuss any of this further
—— please reach your local VMware representatives —-

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