VxRAIL is taking HCI to extremes!

Today DellEMC announced the futur of VxRAIL, let’s have a look on what’s new with VxRAIL. As we all know, VxRAIL is a real catalyst to accelerate IT innovation by extending and enhancing existing or deploying brand new “ready to work” VMware infrastructures.


VxRAIL is the only HCI offer built with VMware for VMware. The massive investment made on software development makes it a flexible and agile solution. More and more customers embrace VxRAIL for many workloads in their environment from traditional to modern applications.

VCF 4.0 on VxRAIL 7.0

VMware Cloud Foundation version 4.0 is now supported on VxRAIL 7.0 (based on vSphere 7). Dell EMC introduces a new “Entry Cloud” offering, consisting in a 4-node “Consolidated VCF Architecture” on VxRAIL.


The “Standard” offering however, will be ideal for customers which are running application requiring dedicated workload domains like VDI for instance.

This new approach will allow to start small and scale as needed in a non-disruptive way.

New Platforms & Updates

A new “heavy duty” D-Series VxRAIL model will join the family. This brand new model is a “ruggedised” version specifically designed for workloads which are running in specific locations. Customers who are looking for performance and storage at more exotic edges locations, where hardware designed for typical datacenter is not appropriate.

For that reason, the VxRAIL D-Series has been engineered to support extreme conditions (heat, cold, altitude, dust, vibrations…).

DellEMC announced the futur of VxRAIL

AMD Based E-Series

Dell EMC is making a first step forward with AMD by introducing a first E-Series AMD Epyc model. With its first version introduced in 2017, Epyc processors share the same microarchitecture as their regular desktop-grade counterparts, but have enterprise-graded features such as higher core counts, more PCI Express lanes, support for larger amounts of RAM, and larger cache memory.

It also supports multi-chip and dual-socket system configurations through the Infinity Fabric interchip interconnect (Wikipedia).

They promise a double socket performance in a single physical socket model.

NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 GPU

Great news for VDI addicts, RTX 8000 GPU can now be added as an option, providing 48GB of memory for users working with the largest and most complex graphics rendering and visual computing workloads.

Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory

This offers provides an enhanced resiliency with persistent memory, even when power is down. This expand VxRAIL to high memory intensive workloads which require data persistence.

VxRAIL Software 4.7.510

Even with version 7 available, Dell EMC is working hard improving 4.7 release.

Lifecycle management (LCM) has been further improved. Customers can now schedule and run healthchecks before upgrading, making possible to remediate problematic situation before the upgrade.

It is now possible for customer to re-image a node or an entire cluster to a specific VxRAIL Software version.

Finally, you can now also “downgrade” one or more nodes that are shipped at a higher revision compared to their running environment.

To know more, meet the experts at: vxrail.is/expertsession

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