Jump In!

“Those who don’t jump, will never fly”

Leena Ahmad Almashat

What better than a quote to start the first post of our first blog? Actually, I had another one saying “Sometimes, you gotta run before you can walk“, but my mate told me Tony Stark was a fictional character…😜  

So this is it, it’s time to run!

Anyway, what is it about? I’ve been thinking about it for years, learn & share, share my own experiences and most of all, learn from others. This blog will be as a tracking platform for our own IT experiments, but also a place to discuss, because each idea matters.

Our background, leads us to focus on Virtualization, Storage and because nothing would possible without it, Networking… to finally Cloud & Automation related topics. And because we are flexible people, we will also sometimes write about additional topics, depending on our needs, wishes and, who knows, on followers’ requests… 

At the same time, a new home lab is currently in progress. I’ll describe the “infrastructure” setup in a coming article. Again, we’ll use this blog to track and share this experience.   

The vExpert nomination came just in time (by the way, congratulations to all people participating to this great program). It is an excellent opportunity to get your hands on the products, to discuss and share with other experts and most of all, to learn new things, to always move forward, so thank you VMware for making this possible! 

Nominations take place twice a year, I’ve applied in December 2019 and been nominated on February 25th. VMware has now closed vExpert applications, they will re-open in late June 2020 for the second half applications. 

Stay tuned for the content to be released, we have also some surprises which cannot yet be revealed, and most of all, give us your feedback!


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