Jump In VMware vSphere 7

Yesssss! Here we are! … vSphere 7 has been announced!

And there’s a LOT to VMware vSphere 7.

And that includes Kubernetes, Trust Authority,  workload-level DRS, refactored vMotion, Lifecycle Manager, assignable hardware, and so much more !!!

So now ? Where to start?

VMware proposes this landing page. Specifically, it serves as a curated reference pulling together the most important vSphere 7 materials in one easy-to-find location:

The VMware vSphere 7 Blog aggregator:

just the great place to start with vSphere 7!

Next to that, the following new courses will be soon available (April/may 2020) – be aware when the course is available, we can deliver those courses under a live on line format !

VMware Education announcement blog is now live which also includes links to overview videos for each course.

Scroll down to the bottom of the blog and you’ll also find information about the upcoming webinar 7th April, on the VLearningZone. »

Last but not least, reach your VMware TAM or BELUX Education representative ogodfroid@vmware.com for more information !

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