New Belux Country Leader for VMware !

Let me share now the latest BELUX Organizational Announcement: Sophie Decock will be the new Country Leader for Belgium and Luxembourg as of July 2020!

To be precise, Mrs Decock will start July 6th.

She will manage and develop the Belux business.

As a new Belux Country Leader, Mrs Decock will report to Leon de Werker, Senior Regional Director, Benelux.

Mrs Sophie Decock – Career

Mrs Decock has spent the last 2 years at Google Cloud, aligning business and IT in order to transform businesses, simultaneously working on the implementation of the ​​video id verification platform with the Fully-Verified company.

Prior to Google Cloud, she spent 5 years with ServiceNow, being the first Belgian employee. Mrs Decock had the privilege to help companies changing the way people work.

Before that she spent 6 years selling IT solutions at EMC and Sun Microsystems.

Prior to that 7 years at GE Capital Solutions providing financial solutions for end customers of Sun Microsystems, Apple and Acer, and she started her career as an auditor.

Sophie is used to support customers transforming their businesses, scale them out with innovation on top of mind.

A quote from Mrs Sophie Decock

My favourite quote from Mrs Decock points out to last year, at Women in Tech Event Brussels 2019:

Never stop learning. Never never stop learning.

We are then totally inline 🙂 (see previous article: “The Culture of learning: Learn, Learn … and Learn !“)

All is said !

Welcome to VMware Belux Mrs Decock as a New Belux Country Leader!

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