New Section: People Interview !

We are both excited to start a new section in our Blog Life: interviewing people from our community, starting with our local community from Luxembourg/Belgium …

Well just conversation with people we’ve met, or never met before, just heard of, smart people, sometimes people we would never meet outsite of this blog initiative …

In other words: Inspiring People!

At, true as it may be, we are innovation and technology addicts. However, we are into people … people behind a job, people behind a role, … their culture, their history, … just back to the human side of our pure tech job!

People are what makes a community

Naturally enough, we like to meet people, start a conversation, and cultivate healthy connections, we like to connect, be connected, dis-connect and re-connect !

connect, dis-connect and re-connect

We’ll discuss with inspiring people from our community about their career journey and what’s inspired them in this journey.

It behoves us to ask how to work on developing oneself throughout one’s career, and that’s incontestably not an effortless job!

Often chance is part of it. Furthermore, … let’s be honest, decision also!

Is it really surprising that… You are in the driving seat of our life and of your career!

So? On the whole? Where do you start?

How do you start ?

… … And what should you do in order to grow ?

Grow yourself ? Be happy ? And be successful? We mean be a good fit for your job!

… … … …Which choices do you make?

In a nutshell, we’ll interview people from our community and listen to their career journey and much more …


Stay tuned!

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