New Webinars Serie: Infrastructure DevOps

VMware is putting together a 4-webinars serie around DevOps for Infrastructure.

With strong focus on Code Stream. (See CMP Part of VMware Portfolio)

It is a 4 part webinar serie.

And there’s already a ton of interest from Customers.

If you need to start adopting more of these processes and methodologies: Don’t Miss out !

After all, Remember… regret is forever !

That’s why VMware proposes these webinars also on-demand 🙂

Below is the list of the webinarsDuration: 45 minutes:

Infrastructure DEVOPS – Cloud Webinar TitleAbstract and Link
Register to learn how Infrastructure DevOps can be the key to build and maintain your self- service private or hybrid cloud with capabilities such as:
– Infrastructure-as-Code 
– Iterative Development with GitOps 
– Infrastructure Pipelines 
Register to pick out how we will attempt to break down infrastructure-as-code and provide practical examples to get you started!
PART 4: INFRASTRUCTURE PIPELINES Register: CI/CD Pipelines provide the skeleton upon which any DevOps process is built. However, it was not until recently that the IT community started exploring and realizing the unique power of pipelining in infrastructure processes such as image building and promotion of infrastructure topologies through upstream environments for testing and staging.
Now, our expert will discuss why pipelines are the cornerstone of any solid DevOps implementation and explore their versatile application in infrastructure automation use cases.

If you missed any, all the previous ones are recorded. The prior webinar sessions for DevOps for Inf are located here

You have to register to get to the recordings though

“Organizations increasingly adopt DevOps practices to accelerate and secure the way they deliver software. However, when it comes to infrastructure delivery most companies are just now catching up or are still lagging behind.”

As much as it is a recent term, infrastructure-as-code has already been transformational for IT. The power of provisioning and manipulating resources, as machine-readable files, is helping companies reach a new level of infrastructure automation and service provisioning.
Infrastructure-as-code has been the cornerstone for expanding DevOps practices to “traditional IT” use cases. However not everyone feels comfortable writing code. In those sessions we will attempt to break down infrastructure-as-code and provide practical examples to get you started!”

Finally, look out for VMware past and next sessions where experts will explore Iterative Development with GitOps and Infrastructure Pipelines:

Last but not least:

You can request a vRA Cloud free 45-day trial where you can experience the capabilities and use cases approached in the webinar.

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