NSX-T Public Evaluation is now live.

NSX-T 3.0 is now available as a FREE Evaluation with 60 DAY TRIAL!

Awesome ! Any Customer can sign up and get access to the latest version of NSX for 60 days!

You will be able to download and evaluate NSX-T, NSX Intelligence and IDS/IPS.

GoTo the VMware NSX-T Product Evaluation Center!

This Evaluation Center features:

  • Technical documentation,
  • Installation demos
  • and classes to make your NSX-T evaluation a success.
NSX-T FREE Evaluation

The latest LE version of NSX-T is available; and, to repeat, you can access NSX-T, NSX Intelligence, IDS/IPS and NSX Cloud !

However, the following features are not available for evaluation

  • IPSec VPN
  • L2 VPN
  • SSL features of Load Balancer

So, in brief, as a recap:

Any customer, existing or new, can sign up on https://www.vmware.com/try-vmware.html and get access to try out NSX-T for 60 days. Upon registering, the customer is provided with an evaluation license key that will be applied in NSX Manager.

The license key is valid for 60 days: It’s Time to play your way with NSX-T FREE Evaluation !

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