The Culture of learning: Learn, Learn … and Learn !

Some of you may be aware of a VMWare relatively new initiative called “TAM Lab”.

Available publicly at no cost !

 The purpose of TAM Lab is:

  •  to provide in-depth technology workshop sessions led by VMware Technical Account Managers (TAMs)
  • to enable a culture of learning and partnership across the VMware customers. 

All TAM Lab sessions are recorded

If you are a VMware TAM customer:

  • You can expect to see formal communication from your TAM for the newly published  videos
  • Do talk to your TAM about Session Ideas if you have an idea for an upcoming session

For TAM and non-TAM (yet) customers, then you can subscribe out the TAM Lab youtube channel

So, whether you are curious about NSX intelligence, HCX, How-To automate Day2 operations in Horizon, How-to leverage the vSphere Rest API, vRealize Network Insights, VCSA upgrades, VCSA Backup&Restore, etc etc,

Check out the latest TAM Lab Sessions,

Go beyond, and allow yourself to drive your self-development!

Go Go Go !

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