vSphere 7 – What’s new – In a nutshell

vSphere 7 is a MAJOR RELEASE with a NEW FACELIFT and a TON of great new features! You wanna know why it’s so pretty ? What’s new with vSphere 7 ? …. Here is a read where I will quickly highlight of some of the new capabilities and features.

Starting with the Lifecycle Manager

vSphere 7
  • Update planner which is all about product interoperability: ​Get notified and install vCenter Server updates in the vSphere Client
  • Lifecycle manager which is all about consistency across ESXi hosts using declarative image cluster management.
  • vCenterServer Profiles Which is all about ​Consistent configuration across vCenter Server instances – ability to export configuration of a vCenter instance, and to import it in a new vCenter instance. 
  • all these components are all-integrated in the vCenter appliance.

Moving to Intrinsic Security

vSphere 7
  • Simplified Certificate management. Services now using a common certification rather than all having their own self signed trusted certificate.
  • Trust authority – all about Attestation – checking if servers have Secure Booted enabled, etc. or about trusted platform modules (TPM) that run inside the server.
  • Identity Federation – about now a standards-based federated way of doing authentication, ​with enterprise identity providers (IdPs)- also including Multifactor Authentication and as of vSphere 7, support ADFS out-of-the-box.

Looking at Core Virtualization

vSphere 7
  • Resource Management:
    • Improved DRS – DRS 2.0 focusing on VM DRS Score (VM happiness in a cluster) instead of Host Load Deviation (is the cluster balanced?).
    • ReVamped vMotion Logic – bringing back vMotion capabilities to large worloads (reduce performance and latency issues)
    • Assignable Hardware – integrated with DRS
  • Compatibility -VM hardware 17:
    • support for Precision Time Protocol (PTP) – use for compliance needs in financial firms – it gets a VM sub-millisecond time accuracy.
    • virtual Watchdog in guest VMs
  • Storage
    • supports NVMe over Fabrics allowing connectivity to external NVMe arrays using either FC or RDMA
    • Shared VMKD for clustered applications… No more RDMMMMMs!


vSphere 7
Hardware Acceleration for Modern Apps
  • BitFusion acquired by VMware last year – makes virtualization software for accelerated computing.
  • Optimize vSphere for Machine Learning (ML) and AI Workloads
  • Identify, consolidate and share hardware accelerators

Moving on to Developer Services

vSphere 7
  • Obviously with all the new features and capabilities there are a lot of new APIs exposed
  • New version of PowerCLI for vSphere 7( also for WCP which is Workload Control Platform – basically vSphere with K8)
  • Improved Development Center– a feature running inside vCenter which allows to capture operations done in the vCenter client UI, and transform them into code.
  • Support for vRO JavaScrip, also included support for Python and Go

Unified Platform, vSphere with K8

vSphere 7
  • Cloud Foundation Services consist of the:
    • Tanzu Runtime Services – allows developers to build applications with the freedom of using an upstream K8 distribution.
    • Hybrid Infrastructure Services – allow developers to provision and work with infrastructure such as compute, storage and networking from the vSphere platform

But there’s a lot more to it and that’s definitely something that I will write about in an upcoming article.

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