vSphere 7 – What’s new – In a nutshell

vCenter Scalability Enhancements

Here is a quick view on how vSphere 6.7 compares to vSphere 7 (Max.)

vSphere 6.7 compared to vSphere 7 (Maximums)

Upgrade to vSphere 7

vSphere 7 is The Biggest Innovation since the launch of ESXi!

When it comes to upgrade, my recommendations are:

You still need a reason to start planning your upgrade ?

Here are the top 10 good reasons to upgrade to vSphere 7!


Furthermore, if you want more than a nutshell, you should visit our Education category articles, typically jump-into-vmware-vsphere-7

At the time I write this article, VMware is offering 182 days of 24/7 access to VMware Learning Zone Premium for free! 

Please see the blog post for more information.

This is an awesome opportunity to enhance everyone’s skills !!

I hope you enjoyed this quick overview of pretty exciting new capabilities in vSphere 7!

Stay tuned for coming detailed part series !

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