DellEMC Announced VxRAIL 7

It is not a surprise, we’ve been waiting for it and it’s finally here: VxRAIL 7.0.0 software has been released.

If some of you are still running 4.7.x version, no worries, nobody traveled in time, Dell EMC has decided to align the roadmap with vSAN for easier correlation. That’s the reason why there’s no 5x nor 6x version of VxRAIL suite. Actually this is the opportunity for the customers to update their HCI infrastructure with the latest vSphere to date.

Network Flexibility – 2 pNIC Support

Obviously, this update contains all the new features coming with vSphere 7, but also adds Network Flexibility. The VM traffic managed by NSX-T manager can now share the same pNIC used for VxRAIL traffic (management, vMotion & vSAN).

vSphere 7 introduced NSX-T and NSX-V to share a single VDS. This single VDS will have different ports groups to support both V & T. In previous versions, NSX-V would use the VDS and NSX-T would use an nVDS.

To make it clear, customers can now run NSX-T using only 2 network ports on a each node.

VxRAIL 7.0.0 software has been released

External Storage verification

During installations, upgrades or refactoring, having (FC) external storage connected might lead to issues. VxRAIL is now able to check and report on the externally connected storage that can be connected before or after an install.

Embedded PSC

This feature has been asked for a long time, embed the PSC with the VxRAIL created vCenter. Upgrades will be able to do that (with a temp provided IP) and fresh install will no longer need the PSC information.

Node addition flexibility

In the past, to add a node in an existing cluster, the versions had to match. Then, Dell EMC added a (welcome) automated upgrade process during node add. VxRAIL 7 support the addition of nodes, which are not in the same major version, as long as they run 4.7.3 minimum. This means, if you upgrade your cluster to the latest 7 version and order nodes that are shipped in version 4.7.3x , you can still add theses nodes and upgrade it as part of the node addition process.

It is still early to upgrade, but not to have a look at it. Indeed, for now, it won’t be distributed through VxRAIL Manager. As always, discuss with your support team and review SolVe before considering anything.

VxRAIL 7 Support Matrix:

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