Wanna join the crew ?

A couple of weeks ago, while looking for information about VxRail certification, I came across this article from Dell EMC saying: “Join the VxRail Xpert Crew“. This immediately caught my curiosity and I’ve decided to know more about it.


Dell EMC has launched this advocacy program, comparable to vEXPERT, a little bit more specific, obviously less developed but which truly deserves to care about.

Although we know these Advocacy programs are marketing related, intention being to build a community to reinforce the communication around products/technology, on the other side they are a strong asset, this is a real gold mine for IT professionals.

It provides you with tools & resources, dedicated communication platform with other Xpert, direct access to business units to provide feedback, early access to information, special events, etc.

Now, the major difference with VMware’s vEXPERT is the onboarding process, here there’s no application process or voting to occur but an assessment to take, 60 questions, 90 minutes and a 75% passing score. Retakes are permitted (5 in total) but there’s a 24h wait period between retakes.

Regarding the exam difficulty, I’d say it’s a little bit more difficult compared to the official VxRail Specialist’s exams (DES-6321 & DES-6332) but not a big deal.

To be honest, I had to take it two twice, the first attempt, I didn’t spend enough time to read the Performance related documents… because yes, the article above, provides you the full document list to read and know in order to prepare for the exam correctly, ain’t it amazing ?

Once you’re done with the exam, you’ll receive a document to complete and send back, once you’re done, you’ll be invited to a private Microsoft Teams channel where you’ll have the opportunity to interact with others.

Xpert Crew
VxRail Xpert Crew MS Teams

To sum up, VxRail Xpert program is a great opportunity to share with experts from the community all around the world on VxRail solutions, at no cost, it is opened to Dell EMC employee and partners.

Don’t hesitate to visit Dell EMC related Infohub’s page to get all the details.

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